• Chris Goodwill

How to build in breaks between Microsoft Teams Meetings

Like me are you rushing from video call to video call in Microsoft Teams?

With hybrid working (or complete home working as I do for Symity, when we are home sometimes feels like your day is running away from you with back to back Teams Meetings (other platforms available but not recommended). Trying to get ready for the next call can be challenging and often calls are overlapping due to running over. Quick video as I was walking this morning early with Ziggy my Chug (or Pugwawa - his Star Wars name!) with some of my thoughts on how to make your day easier.

Link to article showing you how to automatically put breaks in meetings in Microsoft Outlook.

So what's your top tip for making the day run smoothly and not finding yourself doing the wee dance as you're busting for the toilet? - or is it just me who does the dance...