• Chris Goodwill

Looking for the best webcam for home and hybrid working?

Recently decided to upgrade from the camera on my Microsoft Surface Laptop, reason being that I'm hoping to take part in some video and audio podcasts with colleague Randy Chapman at Symity soon - exciting and terrifying! So I did some looking around, various podcast and vlogging articles and kept coming back to the same product the Logitech Video Collaboration C920 HD Pro Webcam. Good old Amazon had a decent price for the webcam on next day, so I took the plunge. Comes in a really small box (good for recycling) and was cellophane wrapped on a

ll the crucial surfaces to protect it. Set up was simple, plug and play and Microsoft Teams recognised it immediately as a certified device, quick test call and adjustment of the angle and I was away. It has full HD 1080p/30fps video calling, stereo audio, a full glass lens with 78deg of view and auto light correction plus dual microphones. Plus I also purchases a Razer Inc. ring light to improve the lighting in my office for calls and video recording, excellent quality and again j

ust plug in and off you go, as a lead remote for control.

So now I have Logitech mouse, keyboard and webcam, what next!

Link to the webcam in the first comment, thoroughly recommend it if you want a high quality camera for work use (or home actually). Hopefully the ringlight takes some of the wrinkles out of my face, although the camera is such high quality I'm sure it will still pick them up. Thanks Binda Sewak for the suggest of stage makeup, no way!

If there's a device you use for home working which you think others should know about, please share in comments.

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