• Chris Goodwill

Kids driving you nuts? Looking for activities to keep them occupied?

Last year as COVID kicked in, I started to put together links to activities, some of which I had collected over years of trying, buying and learning about STEM with my two young daughters. I shared the links on my wife’s website CodeCreates and it grew and grew each week with new links I found and links that connections provided over various social media platforms. I’ll be honest I haven’t had chance to go through and check they are all still valid URLs (particularly the competitions) but thought I would share out again. It is broken into the following sections by age: * Competitions & Events * Girls In STEM * Coding * Game Design * Cyber Security * Animation * Robotics * Space/Astronomy * Engineering * Science * Mathematics * General STEM * E-Safety * Apps * Teachers/Parents * Online Shops If anyone has any appropriate links they wish me to add to the page, please comment or send me a direct message. Gordon Neighbour at Torquay Girls' Grammar School (where my eldest daughter attends and hopefully my youngest will follow) is responsible for careers and he added our page link to his weekly careers newsletter – if you know other teachers or schools who you think would benefit from sending out the link please share with them. Inspired into STEM by my late father, I’ve tried to encourage my daughters to think about STEM, plus I volunteer my time through STEM Ambassadors to try and inspire the next generation of STEM stars. It’s vitality important we encourage more young women into the STEM sector as there is a significant lack of diversity and the balance needs to be readdressed. Link in the first comment to the page, enjoy and I hope the kids don’t drive you too crazy! Includes activities from: Microsoft, RS Components, BBC microbit, VEX Robotics, Shell, Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), Raspberry Pi Foundation, Met Office, Arduino, Amazon, Cisco, NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the LEGO Group, Rolls-Royce, Formula E, Eden Project, STEM Learning UK, British Esports Association, Pimoroni Ltd, Tech 4tronix, The Pi Hut, cool components, Tech Will Save Us and Adafruit Industries. #cybersecurity #coding #careers #engineering #robotics #science #diversity #stemforkids #stem #mathematics #edtech #teachers #schools #stemeducationforkids #stemeducation #stemgirls #stemcareers #stemforgirls #stemjobs #stemlearning #stemdiversity #stemwomen