About Me

I am a Modern Workplace Sales Specialist for Symity, based in the UK and permanent home working. As a child I was inspired by my father who was an engineer and brought home a home computer (Tandy TRS-80) which I taught myself to code. Through school, college and university I maintained by computing skills which proved pivotal in my next steps. My early career was spent as an Ericsson AXE10 trained switch engineer for the South West cable region which was eventually owned by Virgin Media. I then worked in Germany based out of Munich managing a voice network across the country for SNT Multiconnect GmbH. Returning to Devon I worked freelance providing computing support but then entered back into full time employment. At Nexus Open Systems I had a variety of roles across tech and commercial, eventually becoming their Commercial Officer. I became immersed in the Microsoft Partner Network and also Microsoft's Unified Communications products and services. 2020 during COVID I made the move to Symity where I work with some of the top professionals in the industry to deliver solutions for Enterprise organisations across the globe. I'm now 100% commercially focused and help organisations leverage the best out of Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Teams Rooms, Contact Centres and other certified products. 

Home is Exminster near Exeter in Devon, where I am surrounded by three wonderful ladies. My wife is a private primary school teacher and tutor, she was an award winning illustrator earlier in her career. Daughters Jaz and Amber are keen on sports (as are we) and STEM subjects, they try their hardest always and that's all you can ask for. Finally we also have a dog called Ziggy, he is a Chug (Chihuahua Pug cross) also know as a Pugwawa (which is his Star Wars character name). Hope you enjoy my blog and the ramblings it contains..




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